12 Little Morning Habits You Should Stop Doing Right After Waking

12 Little Habits You Should Stop in the mornings

Social media monitoring

Alongside being harmful to your mental health is an unwitting way to lose track of time (and attention) in your mornings is by scrolling through your media right after waking up. You need to let your brain wake up on its own instead of diving nose-first into the busy outside world first thing after you wake up.

Not being prepared with your morning meal

Whether you like egg whites, cereals, or everything in between, you should include a daily meal plan that involves something as little as a light snack in the mornings. Preparation is key here. Following an early morning planned breakfast schedule will help you predict your eating schedule for the rest of the day, which will also benefit you on the path to maintaining a healthy natural weight.

Snooze Hitting

Researchers already came to know that the rest of the day will feel groggy by hitting the snooze button, however, fragmented sleep is also harmful to your health. If you are a person who feels the effect of this, try to go to bed a half-hour early each night instead of hammering down on that snooze button for a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings.

Waking up at inconsistent hours

It not only makes it much easier to wake up in the morning, (without the snooze button) but also building a fixed sleep schedule that guarantees an excellent 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night does wonders for your mornings.

Reviewing email first thing

Getting out of bed is difficult, so why do you have to check your emails before you even get to work? Experts say you will set a tense mood for the remainder of the day by first reading your emails just upon awakening, so do your hardest to stop checking your email until you finally walk down to the workplace.
Immediately drinking coffee

Research shows, like it or not, that you could harm your energy levels from that cup of joe first thing in the morning. Research also suggests you shouldn’t consume coffee before 10 a.m. and only if you really need it.

The reason for this is, if you can hang tight for maybe a few hours, you could help your cortisol levels out — Making your body naturally wake up better. Relying on drinking coffee first thing will leave you feeling more groggy and stressed than if you had waited an hour or two.

Skipping water

Don’t skip water! Drinking a glass of water for hours after in the morning will be the most ideal way for the stomach to refill. Treat yourself by adding lemon to the water by using the Ayurvedic method. This will help to eliminate toxins that normally emerge overnight from your digestive tract and provide you with a strong source of vitamin C that will strengthen your skin and enhance digestion.

Not letting your bed breathe

Untidy people, you can jump for joy because experts suggest it’s not the best choice to make your bed first thing in the mornings, at least right after you first wake up. According to BBC News, a group of scientists found that it will help kill dust mites that thrive in moist environments by keeping your bed unmade for the first hour. Make your bed still, just not immediately after your feet hit the floor.

Having rising light sources in an hour upon awakening will help soothe melatonin production, increase the output of serotonin, and clear the sensation of being groggy and fatigued in the mornings.

So get your strong morning dose of sunshine to maintain a stable and balanced circadian rhythm as well as the light will naturally wake you up at the same time each day. Natural light is definitely the strongest, but a sunlight lamp will work as well if it helps.
Not making your bed at all (this is important for organization)

Aha, this habit is still on the list but it’s best to leave it as your last chore of the mornings. Why? It could sound like a waste of energy, unimportant or pointless (you only use it at night), but preparing a bed might be an easy thing that you can do in the morning to make your day seem like you have succeeded at something.

Managing and doing daily routine activities (like this) will free up your time for more important goals and chores all while making you feel productive and proud of yourself for it!
Forgetting to put together a to-do list

Don’t forget to draw a plan in the mornings, evaluate it so that you can plan the rest of your day with it in mind. If you were to have 3 to 5 items on it — try ranking them in an order system to make sure you first manage the key pressing tasks that you really need to get done.

Doing this one act can help you organized and in control of your day to day life and you’ll feel so much more relaxed for the rest of the day for it.

Not planning anything the night before

Although this isn’t a morning habit, forgetting to do this one little habit will really hinder your morning success. Whether you pick an item to wear or have lunch prepared, anything that you can deal with in advance will contribute to a smoother morning. Just pick one thing and plan your day the night before to free up some extra time in the mornings to make yourself successful.

You must have a sense of reason to wake up and function every day and these are perhaps the most workable steps you can take in little ways to improve your life.

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