8 morning rituals that harm your skin

When you get used to these things in the morning, you should change that quickly.

Everyone has their own beauty rituals that are processed automatically in the morning. However, there are some things that harm the skin rather than doing it good. We show you here what you should rather get used to:

1. Process blemishes

When the light shines so beautifully into the bathroom in the morning, you are tempted to express blackheads and small pimples in front of the mirror. But you should stop doing that. After the skin was able to regenerate itself at night, it is all the more sensitive in the morning. If you irritate them, inflammation and invisible impurities develop under the skin more quickly. The result can be unsightly hubs, which then form. Instead, use a special facial blemish gel.

2. Use dirty makeup applicators

Over time, bacteria and dead skin cells collect in unclean makeup applicators such as brushes and sponges, which can lead to inflammation and pimples. Therefore, it is best to wash your utensils with a special cleaning lotion after each use, before using brushes and the next time.

3. Let lips dry out

When it comes to face care, the lips are often forgotten. If you feel that the skin around your mouth feels dry, the problem is usually solved with a care stick on the go. You should definitely change this: It is best to incorporate lip care into your morning beauty program. Lips are particularly susceptible to sun damage, which can cause herpes, for example, if there is no protection. It is best to use a care stick that has a sun protection factor.

4. Use the wrong skin care

While we prepare our skin ideally for the night with various night and eye creams, care is usually neglected in the morning. After getting up, it is best to apply a rich serum. They consist of smaller molecules that penetrate deep into the skin and thus provide it with a high concentration of active ingredients. This prevents wrinkles and impurities.

5. Apply care products in the wrong order

Basically (not only in the morning): apply more liquid products first (e.g. serums) and only then thicker creams (e.g. sunscreen). Care products with a thicker consistency take longer to soak in and would not allow the lighter creams to penetrate the skin.

6. Forget sun protection

Speaking of sun protection: Even if the sun is not shining outside, you should always apply sun protection care to your skin. Most moisturizers and some makeup foundations have a sunscreen factor that protects the skin. In direct sunlight, you should of course use the right sunscreen that has a higher sun protection factor. It is known that too much sun on unprotected skin can not only cause wrinkles but also cancer. However, what many do not know: Daily sun protection regenerates the skin and can heal damage that has already occurred.

7. Do not wash the face properly

Many of us have got used to washing the face with ice-cold water to get going in the morning. This is great, but oils accumulate on the skin overnight, which only disappear with the right cleansing lotions. If you don’t clean your face in the evening, this step is twice as important in the morning. Because a light oil film on the skin does not optimally attract care products and reduces their effectiveness. Why you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower.

8. Use aggressive cleaning lotions

You should definitely clean your face in the morning, but it is very important to use the right products here. Strong peelings or perfumed lotions are taboo. As already mentioned, the skin is particularly sensitive in the morning and can therefore only be processed with gentle products. Therefore, use unscented and additive-free facial lotions for sensitive skin. Try the beauty miracle cure mineral water.

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